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If you want to obtain Tulkoon Yö/Talviyö directly from the band, contact us:
KIIRA - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö 12" LP
During this Boreal winter night Scythe of Death and Astral Temple are proud to announce the start of the pre-sales for the upcoming KIIRA 'Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö' 12" LP! * Limited to 300 copies in total * Comes with a 22x22 cm sized 16 page booklet printed on matte art paper in full colour and metallic silver. North American customers are recommended to contact Final Agony for their copies. Cover artwork by Veera Pitkänen. Estimated release date: April 30 - 2018

Hailaz Blewaz Thurisaz!

Limitation of "Taottu Mustassa Tulessa" vinyl was increased to two hundred copies which means that there is some copies available again from the band. Expect news concerning the other Kiira release soon.
Yesterday ASTRAL TEMPLE started to accept preorders for vinyl edition of our demo "Taottu Mustassa Tulessa" which will be released in December. All copies were reserved fast from them and also from the band. That release is licensed through SCYTHE OF DEATH PRODUCTIONS and they will have last copies for sale when they decide to accept orders. So, keep an eye on their Facebook-page and newsletters.

One song from now sold out 'Talviyö' tape can be heard at POISON section. Kiira t-shirts are sold out from us but Scythe of Death Productions has few copies left. There is also copies of Kiira 'Death pendant' available from us and SDP.

New pictures added to gallery.
We are pleased to announce our alliance with Hrabnaz who is now part of Kiira's live lineup.
He took part to our first live appearance at North Karelian Black Winds III.

'Taottu Mustassa Tulessa' is now sold out.

From the Scythe of Death Productions News Letter:
"On this Sheer Thursday, when witches and warlocks travel towards Blåkulla to indulge themselves in rites and orgies, Scythe of Death Productions will send out the murky witchery dwelling among our ranks! No spiritual protection of home and yard will help you when we unleash the malice of: KIIRA 'Taottu Mustassa Tulessa' cassette (SDP 017)"

- Update: During 2014 debut demo will be released by Scythe of Death Productions.
Release date will be informed later.

- Samples from upcoming demo can be found from POISON section.

- First words concerning Kiira is found from Behest zine #10